Inspiring Service in Uniform, Commanding Complexity, & Finding a Higher Calling 

By Captain Mark Ogle (Retired)

Mark Ogle

Born in Chapel Hill, NC, he graduated the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in 1986 and the Naval War College in 2007. He has commanded 4 units: The Cutter KEY LARGO, Group Eastern Shore, the Pacific Tactical Law Enforcement Team and Sector Hampton Roads.  Other field units include service as the first Operations Chief for the United States Deployable Operations Group, Chief of the Coast Guard’s International Training Team, tours aboard Cutters VALIANT and VASHON, and Port Security Unit 305.  His staff tours include Assistant Chief, Search & Rescue for Atlantic Area and Executive Assistant for Coast Guard Operations Policy and Capability at Headquarters following 9-11.


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  • Great book!

    "A fast paced, exciting account from start to finish that was impossible to put down. Few can tell a story like Captain Mark Ogle. In From Eagle to Eagle, he tells many that left me on the edge of my seat. Through detailed accounts of the missions he carried out, frequent personal anecdotes and humorous lessons learned at the end of each chapter, Captain Ogle takes his readers on a captivating journey covering his entire illustrious career. Anyone who reads it will come away with a profound appreciation for the Coast Guard and its missions as well as a deep respect for Captain Ogle the officer, the leader and the man. From Eagle to Eagle is a must read for anyone who has served in the Coast Guard or is interested in our multifaceted missions. -GK1"

  • You will not be disappointed!

    "Great book written by a great Man and awesome Leader!
    Found out things that I never knew we did in the CG!" -Lee

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    "An incredible journey through unique Coast Guard and military history as can only be told by Coast Guard legend Captain Ogle!

    In this book, Captain Ogle excitingly recounts his extraordinary and unique career in the Coast Guard. From the Coast Guard Academy to finding himself rescuing American hostages overseas under gun fire, Desert Storm, Bolivian drug labs, to Eastern Europe during the height of the Cold War.

    This book, along with “Not Your Father’s Coast Guard,” are must reads for any fan of military and Coast Guard special/unique operations, and histories. You will not be disappointed!" -Jorge V.