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From Eagle To Eagle

From Eagle To Eagle

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Drug Busts. Death-defying Search and Rescue. War Zones. Spacecraft Takedowns.

This book has it all . . . and it's not a work of fiction.

Captain Mark Ogle, US Coast Guard (retired), spent over forty years in service to his country. If you thought the Coast Guard only defended US ports, you'll be enlightened by the varied missions these men and women are involved in every day behind the scenes.

Mark has had a front-row seat to some of the most exciting Coast Guard operations for more than four decades. Weaved chronologically into a series of short stories, his memoir is full of leadership tips he picked up along the way from the Boy Scouts to commanding forces in multiple states during 9-11 to leading 3,000 special operators on high-risk, global missions.

He currently trains the top five Coast Guard positions in every US port and has traveled to seventy-six different countries instructing foreign police, Coast Guard, customs, and navies.

Perfect for young, aspiring leaders or seasoned executives, Mark's story is about recognizing life's opportunities and thriving in a chaotic world.

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